Adverse Effects of Multitasking in Terms of Productivity

Adverse Effects of Multitasking in Terms of Productivity

Adverse Effects of Multitasking in Terms of Productivity Did you know that multitasking; per recent studies can reduce your total productivity by as much as 40 percent? Well, this is true for most people, who are not able to handle all their tasks without sacrificing the quality of their work. And aside from confusion, multitasking can definitely cause a lot of negative effects:

How multitasking can kill your productivity

Multitasking can kill your

Get your business stronger while not multitasking

1. You will not be able to avoid distractions and will not be able to focus on what you really need to do when you are multitasking. Of course this can also cause you to experience episodes of mental blocks and confusion. Imagine what would happen if you know that you have tons of tasks to complete and due to your hectic schedule and impossible deadlines, you all of a sudden, start to feel empty and that you have ran out of brilliant ideas to dish out.

Learn to recognize that you are multitasking


2. It also leads to memory loss. Yes, excessive multitasking can make you forget a lot of things. Especially the most important ones. Memory loss can definitely disrupt your rhythm, which will eventually lead to lack of productivity.

3. Since your business needs your utmost attention, multitasking will keep your attention so divided that you will not be able decide which one should you complete first.

4. You will always feel exhausted. Why? Because you consistently think about what you should do next, your mind and body will be left with no choice but to keep running until it finally conks out. And once you start to feel really tired, eventually your body will stop running and you will have no control over it.

5. Multitasking can cost you and your business big time. Since starting a campaign will surely cost you money, it would be best to stick to one campaign or project for your business, before you decide to work on and launch another. Otherwise, starting on 2 or more projects at the same will cost you more, and should one project fail, you will be forced to put out more cash to fund another marketing strategy.

6. Excessive stress and increase in adrenaline can deplete your energy to succeed on your tasks. When your body is running solely on adrenaline, you will eventually run out of energy and the enthusiasm to work and propel your business to the top.

7. You will eventually lose your temper easily. Handling several tasks at a time will affect you ability to handle and control your emotions. You will notice that you start to get angry and frustrated for no apparent reason, and compared to working on a single task at a time where you can calmly think and work on every aspect of your project with diligence and patience.

8. Multitasking can also affect the way you interact with other people. Every interaction will start to feel awkward, you will lose your contact with the rest of the world, since you are always preoccupied and distracted with the tons of business campaigns that you need to do.

9. You will also start acting like a robot, programmed to do nothing but work, work, and work. And at the end of the day, you will be as dead as a zombie, unable to think straight and on its own.

10. Lastly, you will lose your interest to work wholeheartedly, because you are far too exhausted and used to doing things just to get things done. But if you are left with no choice, and it is your responsibility to handle almost everything that deals with your online marketing business, here are some tips on how to properly multitask without burning yourself out: –

Although you are bound to do more than one thing at a time, learn how to prioritize and decide which task should be done first. Before you start working, make sure that you list down all the projects that you are required to do for the day and arrange them based on priority or importance. This way, you will end up doing two of the top tasks that you need to accomplish.

– Identify the multitasking projects that you do not need to do for the day. If you think that a particular task is not necessary or irrelevant to your day’s work load, by all means scratch it off your list. This can make your load lighter and easier to accomplish.

– Now that you have a to-do list, set a definite schedule or a time frame for each multitasking projects and avoid overlaps and spending too long on working on a task of lesser importance as well as the tasks which should have been done 2 hours ago. – Instead of doing things at the same time, do them in alternative batches. This is the perfect way to manage your time properly, without sacrificing the quality of your work.

– Choose tasks that are somewhat related to each other, or compatible in nature. Since these are two or three related tasks, it would make each project easier to handle. And it would feel that you are not juggling 3 different tasks at the same time.

– Since you are managing your online business, interruptions are unavoidable. So if you know that you will eventually be interrupted at specific hours of the day, choose the tasks which you can resume doing even when interrupted.

– Avoid doing extra things when it’s time to focus on the tasks at hand. Why? Because you will find it that you are more productive if you will only focus on the three important things that you have chosen to do today. These tips can help you perform well in a multitasking environment, but acceptable as this method may seem, it would still be best if you focus on one thing, that is if you want to help your online business achieve “digital” success stop the multitasking.

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