A “Brand” New You with a Big brand bank Account!

Marketing in the public mind a strong indentity-an indentity that is you and your company,forever.

If you’re smart, you will make doubly sure that the process of brandinf you is marked with a strong sense of pride and personality that you back up with your personal integrity.After all,branding is something the public will remember forever,so you want them to remember you in the best and brightest possible light.

I recently had a client ask me why his press kit had to hhave so much information about him,the person,instead of just his business.As his marketing consultent i took the time to explan that when the media comes to interview him it’s not his business that will create the story,it’s him! The person behind the business is the humanizing ingredent that will capture the attention of the public and create a sense of bonding that will in turn bring about more business.You are the key! Only people can create confidence and trust.And while product are branded everyday,branding you will create a deeper and more lasting impression.

Do you know anyone that ever tried to follow in the footsteps of a major brand? Of course not! but many an entrepreneur has tried to emulate the business icon Donald Trump.Now here is a man who understood the value of branding himself. Even at the helm of The Trump Group he knew that to steer the real estate company out of bankruptcy into a position of profitabilty and drove the Trump mark into the minds of Americans, he had to give it a voice. It had to be a voice that people could trust, a human voice. That voice was his.He is a man of leadership, His legend will forever be linked to the success of his Real Estate holding.

So now the question is what will your brand say about you? What is the message you want to share with the world; that will become your mark,forever indentying your business and what it stands for? This is a bit akin to selecting your motto, the saying that forever tags along with your company as a further indentification of what you do. Your brand, however,says what you are! It is the characterristics and values that will become your public story.

Take time before you  answer because forever is well,forever! It is very important that you carefully consider what you want your story to be. To be effective and stand apart from the flood-gating crowd of the business world,it is especially important that the story of you, the story that will become your brand,rise above the rest in madding crowd. So please resist copying or following. Be creavite, be posititively outragous, be irresistible, but above all, be yourself in your approach.

Sounds painful?Well,trust me,it’s not.There’s a wonderful new you with a wonderful new bank account coming your way. Simply put,branding you is the most important step to building more profits in your business.And profiting is never painful, is it?

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