7 Unique Marketing Principles

1.Pay Attention to your Principles.

If no one notices you and your principles,processes,and experiences, and  there’s no way to promote whatever vehicle you used to express them.

2.Branding your Principles

Create a nice Logo and great catch phase and put them on T-shirts,Mugs,Notpads,a refrigerator magnet,and book bags,sponsor a youth sports team,you should also sale your items.

3.Communication your  Principles

Traveling the two-way street of communication is what selling ideas is all about. The Unique Marketing Principle is your interactive Logo and design that fairly makes you want to communicate with whomever is wearing or carrying an item with your logo or unique slogan on it.Again, it sets up a buzz and starts everyone talking about your  company.That company with style.

4.Distinctive Principles.

Be yourself no matter what other people say. A creative and distinctive approach,product,or idea is worth millions. Take the time to think through your approach.Keep in mind that your thoughts control your life. Don’t  run with the herd. Instead,lift your sights and soar.Dare to be distinctive.


Whatever you do,think of energy. Energy is spirit/vibration. When i thought about what I wanted to do with my products, I thought about the following facets of energy:thoughts,words,color,sound,physical image,and,above all, psychological strengh and courage to do whatever it takes to implement the plan.

6.Head Turner

This is the WOW factor of whatever you do. When you walk past something and go back to take a look and say,”WOW!” Or you point to something different and distinctive and say :WOW! What a great idea!” Or “WOW! look at her!” or “WOW,I wish I’d done that!” This is an exponential leap beyond just getting attention. Knock em out with your uniqueness and willingness to be different. Turn heads!

7.Innovate Principles

Innovation is a powerful concept.It means to introduce something new or introduce change. Individuals resist change. However, until they do change spiritually,mentally,emotionally and physiacally.Neither can ideas.Marketing and promotion are in the province of change and getting someone out there to buy whatever it is you’re selling.Breaking down the customer’s resistance to your ideas,processes,and experiences is a large part of business success. In fact,it is the most important aspect of marketing and promotion.

Innovation forces you to think for yourself and to stop value judging.Then it provides the impetus to brainstrom and mind map diverse ways of thinking,new windows of perception,discover hidden talents,new ways of saying old things,new networks and contacts,and ways to integrate all aspects of your life,Most importantly,it reinvents not only your ideas,processes,and experiences,but your principles.

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