6 Highly Effective Easy Tricks

Humpback Whale1.Comments on popular blogs and include a ‘signature’ line with a link to your main webpage.

2.Add a signature line to your email.Something like  ‘ Get in on the 21st Century Home Business Revolution…

3.Create a Squidoo page. This is the same principle as writing an article, but it is very easy to genarate these pages and Google loves them.post the link to your Squidoo page on: Digg and Delicious (don’t post your main website link, as that is duplicate content and the search engines will notice it).

4.Regularly post Ads on free Advertising Blog and Ad Land Pro,all for FREE. Write something eye catching,try and stand out from the rest.

5.This is a must do. Join instant Buzz and go for the Elite membership if possible.With InstantBuzz you get tons Ads seen directly on surfers navigation bars, on the Google page  itself and through direct emails.

6.Let your computer work for you when you aren’t on it! Download this nifty screen saver, that drives traffic to your site even when you aren’t  http://growamassivedownline.com/screenswarm

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