5 Productivity Tips & Tools To Help You Get More Done

5 Productivity Tips & Tools To Help You Get More Done

While everyone strives so hard to improve their Productivity at work or any other place very few have mastered the art and the techniques of getting more done quite easily. Most people spend countless hour troubling themselves on what to do yet there are some tools that can make it possible to increase the productivity at work.

Productivity Tips for the Home-Based Business Owner

Working from home may sound like a luxury, and it is if you have a clear guideline of how to get your work done without letting the pleasures of your home get in the way. You have all heard of the saying “do not mix business with pleasure” right. This article will show

you just how working from home can make you relax on your job and give you five productivity tips for the home business owner.

Effective productivity in your business.

Productivity will allow you to work smarter.


Starting with the simple tools like keeping to do lists to the complex ones like listening to classical music, it is possible to just achieve more at work. The techniques work immensely well and one can take one step after another until you get to the top. They are quite easy practical and very effective. Here are some of them.

1. Get to be more organized through Productivity

Though this can seem to be a normal thing, organized people get more done so easily. It requires that you get to analyze your techniques of working and see if they help you achieve more in a day or not. This can be achieved by finding out what technique works best for you. It is more profitable to use the tools that are at your disposal wisely and set
some guidelines on how you do things. For instance you can have a guideline of how you respond to mails and which mails you respond to.

2.Have more Productivity by Re-planning your meetings

Using your calendar to its maximum is one of the ways to get the best in your work. Try to rethink how you do your meetings and reschedule some things so as to give you time to prepare. For instance if you have meetings running throughout the day, then you can reduce the time of each meeting from one hour to 50 minutes or from 30 to 25 minutes.
This will give you time to prepare for the next one and get in when you are ready.

3. Design a stop to do list and have more Productivity

Almost everyone has a “to do list,” which is a good thing. But one needs to have something else that is not quite popular. There are some things that you do in the office that are not that important and you are always planning to stop doing them. You need to have a “stop to do list”. This list should show the things that you should not do and how to stop them. A serious emphasis on this tool and technique can see one reduce the time wasted and spend it doing important things. In the event this will ensure that more is done and you and your staff will have more Productivity.
4. Using Pomodoro timers.

A Pomodoro timer is a tool used by many people who seek to increase the amount of work done. This tool creates breaks in between your work to make sure that the level of productivity is increased. Those who use it always takes a 25 minutes sprint working, then take three to five minute break then back to work. The techniques ensure that you
maximize your concentration then take a break to allow the brain to cool off. It is a very effective tool for increasing productivity.

5. More Productivity by Automating some things

If it is possible to automate those things that you can be automated to save the time and use it to do other things. Some of the things one can automate include social media posting, email marketing tools and many other things. Using some automation software like Hubspot is one of the most effective ways of increasing how much you can do at

At the end of the day, using some of these tools and techniques is the best way to go about increasing the amount of work done. They are the simplest, easiest and most effective tools that anyone can apply. One thing about them is that it is not hard to learn them and they simply do not require rocket science to make them work. This is to say that they are applicable to anyone and anywhere and will improve your Productivity.

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