5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Articles and Blog Posts Through Social Media

Promote Your Articles and Blog Posts Through Social Media.

You have to promote to get the sale!

Now promote that  you have written a high-quality article with a catchy headline, you want to encourage people to read it and to share it with others. Promoting through social media not only draws readers to your article, but it has the potential to multiply your audience as those readers share your article with their own friends and followers. Here are five easy ways to promote your online articles:

1. Promote your blog posts so it flows automatically to social networks.

There are several ways to do this. First, check on your blog platform to see what type of widgets or tools are available to flow your posts directly to social networks. If that doesn’t work, search for apps on each network that can import blog posts. On Facebook there are several apps available, including the Notes app. Do a search on Facebook and on a search engine to look for popular apps blog sharing apps for your networks.

2. Manually promote post links to your online articles on your social network status updates.

There is some debate about how many times it’s cool to post a link to your own articles. Some people post several links when an article appears, posting on several networks at once and even posting it several times that same day on Twitter. Personally, I find that excessive because so many people follow me in multiple places and I don’t want to annoy my followers.

My  blog articles automatically appear on my Facebook Profile and on Twitter. Then I useHootSuite to schedule additional announcements of the post. For example, I might promote with a link to this post to appear on  LinkedIn next week, on Twitter the following week, my Facebook Fan Page the following week, and then on Twitter once a month for the next several months. I also schedule these posts at various times of day.


3. Ask for help in spreading the word and a great way to promote.

If you have written an important article,now you have to promote it, one that you think will be quite popular, don’t be afraid to ask some of your peers to share it with their followers. For example, send an email or direct message to people that you know well enough to ask a for a favor, asking them to share your article on their social networks and also promote on StumbleUpon or similar services that they use. Make it easy by including the exact text you want the person to share, including a shortned link to the article. Be sure to offer to promote one of their articles in return.

You can also add “Please RT” to the end of a message that you post on Twitter, to encourge re-tweeting. Just don’t over use this tactic.

4. Add buttons on your blog to make instant sharing easy.

There are several ways to add social sharing buttons to promote your blog, enabling readers to click the button to share the blog, or a specific article, with their friends and follows.

First, check to see what widgets are available from your blogging platform. On my blog (hosted by WordPress) I simply checked a box in the footer formatting area to make a Tweet This button and a Facebook “like” button appear in the footer of each blog post. When someone clicks the Facebook button, it posts a link to my article in their status update on Facebook, which then flows to their News Feed, visible to their friends.

You can also add external widgets. For example, you can get a Facebook “like” button to place in your blog’s sidebar on the Facebook PlugIns page. When readers click on that button it shares the home page of your blog on their Facebook status update.

I also have a sharing button near the top of my blog’s sidebar from AddThis.com (it shares the blog home page) and another button beneath each blog post from ShareThis.com (to share individual articles). These buttons allow readers to share my blog and posts through a variety social media and even by email. For example, here’s what readers see when they click on my ShareThis button:

ShareButtonAlso, consider adding a sentence to the end of your most important articles, encouraging sharing. Something like, “If you enjoyed this article, please help promote, share it with your friends and followers by clicking the buttons below.”

5. Use social bookmarking and social sharing sites.

There are a number of social sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious that let people “vote” for Web pages that they like and share them with other users of these sites. It’s not a good idea to just promote your own articles – if you’re going to use these sites be sure to promote other people’s content as well. You can install buttons in your browser’s tool bar to make it easy to share articles as you are reading them.

There you have it – five easy ways to promote your articles online. Invest a little time to automate these processes as much as possible, and you can promote your articles with very little effort and reap the benefits of viral marketing.


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