5 Easy Sure-Fire Tricks To Lose Money Online!

1. Market To Your Friends And Family
Many network marketers are taught to leverage their “warm market” for their business. This
usually comes down to friends and family members. This is a huge waste of time, and it’s
guaranteed to lose you money in the long run.
First, most of them are going to be very skeptical. Many will refuse to do business with you
simply because they will look at your attempt to sell them a business or a product as trying to
leverage a personal relationship for financial gain.
Most people get insulted when they feel “used”, and most people feel used when they are
sold by their friends and family. Even if you have great intentions with a fantastic product, this
technique will still cost you money. And even if a few people do sign up, most of them won’t,
and it sucks to be rejected by someone that you care about (a friend or family member). It’s
hard to stay motivated when the people you care about are consistently turning down your
Don’t torture yourself – there are too many high-quality, motivated prospects that would love
to do business with you. Leave your friends and family alone, and sell your stuff to people that
are already looking for it!

2. Lead With Greed

What I mean is “lead with your business opportunity”. This is commonly taught, where you

stress the benefits of starting a business first, and then explain the benefits of your product.

This is a common mistake, and it loses people money, time and again.

Why? Think about it:

You start a business from scratch, and you do it with a business that provides residual income.

By definition, residual income means you get paid tomorrow on the work you do today. What

do most companies tell their distributors? “Give it 2 – 5 years of consistent effort

Network marketing is not “get rich quick”, it’s a real business, and it takes a little time to

see results.

So if you are just starting out, and you’re telling everyone you know how much money you are

going to make, and then you try to convince them that they can make tons of money by joining

your downline, they are going to be very skeptical.

They will say things like “how much are you marking?” and “I’ll wait until you’re making a lot of

money before I join”.

Now, once you are making a six-figure income, lead with your money-making opportunity all

day long. But until then, you can’t “lead with greed” and expect your prospects to view you

with any amount of credibility

3. Do 3-Way Calls With Your Upline Monkeys

Ever had this scenario before?

You have a hot prospect on the line, and just for some extra validation, you plug them in to a

“3-way call” with our upline to help close them. Your upline is rude, and your prospect can feel

it. You listen in frustration as your upline repeats the same information that you had already

explained earlier, and then cuts your prospect off with vague answers that don’t provide content

your prospect is looking for.

This happens frequently. Now, some uplines are great about supporting 3-way calls, but it will

still lose you money because of positioning.

Positioning is a marketing concept between you and your prospects. It’s a perception, an

opinion that they form of you during the marketing process.

So if you phone your upline to help you close your prospects, how will your prospect view


As a downline gopher – someone who needs a crutch to grow their business. Certainly not a

leader or someone to follow.

In order to be positioned as a leader, you have to earn it. You can’t depend on other people to

do all the work for you – at some point, you will have to become the expert, simply because

people like to follow leaders, not other followers. They want to work with people of confidence,

people that know what the heck they are doing.

You don’t like getting stuck with a “waiter in training” when you go to a high-class restaurant.

Prospects don’t like working with people who don’t have a clue, and 3-way calls position you

(the marketer) as a stooge. It’s that simple.

4. Buy “Business Opportunity” Leads

These are called “biz-op” leads, and they are an easy, quick way to lose lots of hard-earned

cash. Biz op leads are leads of people who are supposedly looking to get into some sort of

home-based or network marketing business. Sounds great, right?

Well, they actually suck, for 3 reasons:

• They cost too much. These leads are sold for $5, $20, or even $30 per lead! It doesn’t take

to spend a lot of money for these types of leads. Realistically, you should never spend more

than $0.15 – $0.20 for any lead.

• They aren’t targeted enough. Sure, these people supposedly want to get into a business, but

you don’t have a clue if they give a rip about your product! Let’s say you are marketing an antiaging

product. Can you imagine trying to talk an 18 year old male into becoming a distributor

for a product that’s designed for people over age 40? Another example – if you market a travel

opportunity, can you imagine paying $30 for the lead information of a guy who hates to travel,

but is supposedly looking for a business? Big mistake.

• They are recycled. These leads are usually sold over and over, which means that by the time

you reach them, they have already heard from 3 or 4 other networkers. At that point, you sound

like just another “salesman” trying to convince them that your business is best.

If you are spending money on biz op leads, then stop. If you haven’t spent any money on them,

then avoid them like the plague. If you feel like you must buy biz op leads, then let us know!

Our students have bunches from back in the “good old days” when they used to waste money

on that kind of thing. 

5. Throw Home Parties And Home Meetings

Ever tried to throw a home party and have nobody show up?

Or spend a lot of time getting your product display all set up, laid out perfectly, and spend the

money to get refreshments and appetizers laid out, and only have one or two people actually

attend? And they only buy a product because they feel sorry for you?

That’s just embarrassing! Not only is it disappointing for you (the marketer), but it’s a huge

waste of time and money. The thing is, people lead busy lives these days, and they don’t have

time to drive all over town to attend a party unless it’s the weekend. And most people are busy

enough that they don’t want to spend their weekends in your living room getting pitched on

your product and opportunity.

Again, this worked fantastically back in the “good old days”, during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

However, times have changed, and the “party plan” is really a “sorry plan” for consistently

recruiting new clients and business builders into your organization.

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