How to Build your Prospects List and Buyers List

List building The most important thing to do, when building your list, is to focus not on
sales but on lead generation. This simply means capturing names and email
addresses for your prospects list.
There are many techniques you can use, starting with that all important optin
box on every page of your site and, of course, your dedicated squeeze
And you don’t have to give a freebie away. You can simply ask them to sign
up for your newsletter – just make sure you give them a strong and
specific reason, and don’t forget your “call to action” phrases. Tell them
what to do and how to do it.
You don’t just stop, however, once you’ve captured their subscription.
Remember it will take the average prospect 7-12 further exposures to you
and your product – reminders that you exist and can help them – before
they will actually buy something. So you need follow-up emails stacked in
your autoresponder.
These can include solo emails, offers of an email course (or another email
course, if that was your sign-up freebie) or – most important of all –
priceless tips, with no attempt at a sale (though do put relevant sales links
in your signature: Most people will not perceive that as “pushy”.)
PageThe most important action you can take, once your prospect becomes a
buyer, is to migrate her from your prospects list to your buyers list. Most
people become annoyed if they’ve already bought an item, but continue to
receive emails inviting them to buy that same product. They feel as if you
don’t value them as a customer and don’t remember their existence – so get
them onto a buyer’s list straight away – with different products and offers
that enhance and enrich the benefits of the product you just sold. (And in
between, don’t forget to keep sending valuable tips, without sales pushes.)
Ideally, as they progress through your funnel, you should migrate them to
multiple different lists – the more specific, the better. But if all this seems
too complex and you are uncomfortable with your autoresponder and have
real trouble mastering the flow, consider outsourcing this area to a VA who
specializes in autoresponders and autoresponder emails.

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