17 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips

Maximum Conversion Rate with the help of audio and video

17 tips to increase your conversion rate

Tip 1:Conversion rate will go up with the use of audio or video on your website.As simple as it sounds (no pun intended!) adding audio or video to your website can increase conversions.Be sure to post any videos you create on YouTube and Google Video. When you do this add an intro and exits screen containing your website url.

Up your conversion rate percentage with Personalization.

Tip 2:Use on page personalization.So when someone arrives at your website from an email or an optin form there name appear on the page wherever you specify.This has been proven to increase conversion…But don’t over do this one just place the persons name no more than 3 times on a page as a rule of thumb.Website personalization is done via a very simple .php script you just copy and paste into your website.

Improve your conversion rate with e-mails and Facebook Fan Page follow up.

Tip 3:Use email and Facebook Fan Page follow-up.It might sound obvious but if you’re just starting out online and want to boost the sales on your website email and Facebook Fan Page follow-up is the way to go.

Here’s how it works…1. Send your website visitors to an optin page and offer them a free incentivein return for their name and email address.Use a professional autoresponder service to send your new subscribers aseries of sequential messages once every 3 days or so.In these messages remind then of your offer and mix this in with the valuable content promised on your optin page.

2. Once they have subscribed automatically redirect them to your sales page.

3. In the background your autoresponder then send them their first email.Then every few days your autoresponder does this automatically for you.Can you see the power in this?Ideally you need to contact your subscribers with reminders of your offer at least 20 times or more. But don’t forget to mix this in with useful content to give your subscribers a reason for remaining subscribed.

High conversion rate you must contact details on every page.

Tip 4:Include your contact details on every page of your website.This helps to gain the trust of your website visitors because you can be easily reached.The best way of doing this is setting up a support desk and linking to this from the pages of your website.A support desk not only looks more professional it also makes it easier for you to manage the questions you’ll get from people visiting your site.

Visitors need to be told to act now for your conversion rate to be high.

Tip 5:Don’t just sell from your website make your website visitors an “offer”.An offer needs to be something that gives people a good reason to act now and not later.This could be:• You have a limited number of your product in stock• The price goes up in 24 hours• Your discount coupon code is only good until Friday• Or how about your website visitor has 7 minutes to take action before• the special offer vanishes for good?Get the idea? add a limit to whatever you’re offering and you’ll see yoursales sour!

If your visitor fills safe you will get an higher conversion rate.

Tip 6:Add “reassurance” logos to your website.It’s been proven by many online marketers that displaying recognized “trusted and verify by” logos can increase your conversions.Whilst they’re not cheap to sign up for they do work and can help you increaseyour website sales.Here are the websites where you can become accredited and a trusted website…http://www.hackersafe.com

In many cases when your website visitors see these logos they feel morecomfortable in dealing with you.

External links on your site will confuse the visitor and your conversion rate goes down.

Tip 7:Keep links to external pages on your sales site to a bare minimum and if you do have to link to other websites make sure they open in a new window.

What you’re aiming for is to keep as many people on your website for themost amount of time.Why give them reasons to leave with links to other websites?

Tip 8:Use high quality website graphics by hiring aprofessional website designer.It’s that first impression that really counts!If your website looks like a pigs ear what impression will this leave about thequality of the product or service you’re selling?

If your conversion rate is low! you want to know why.

Tip 9:Test and track everything like your life depends on it!The fact is it’s only those people who test, test and test some more who makethe real fortunes online.What you need to be doing through your testing is to find out what works andwhat doesn’t. When you find something that’s working try and make it workbetter for you through what’s called “split-testing”.Thankfully Google provide all the testing and tracking tools you’reever likely to need.Here you go…Google Analytics:This tells you what your website visitors are doing..

Google Website Optimizer:This tells you what your website visitors respond better to through split testing one element of your website against another…http://services.google.com/websiteoptimizer/Let your customer tell you what they like!

A good shopping chart is a must for high conversion rate.

Tip 10:Use rock-solid ecommerce tools to manage your payment processing and your affiliate program.The fact is if you don’t get your ordering system set up right it doesn’t matter how well optimized your website is for sales.Part of improving conversions is to reduce what’s called shoppingcartabandonment.The thing is even though you might have persuaded 277 to order your productwhat if they arrive at the order page and can’t place their order becausethe system doesn’t allow them to order for one reason or another?Then out of all those people who did manage to place their order…What next, how are you looking after them? How are you staying in touchwith them? Are you making them a one time special offer for your backendproduct?There’s one system we use and it’s the same one I recommend you use toobecause it takes care of everything for you…Check this out…http://BigSellingConversions.com

Tip 11:On your sales letter give people the option to order via a text link or a graphical button.Whenever I create a sales letter I aim to give people the choice of ordering through a link or a button.This is done because some people respond better to text links than graphicalbuttons.It doesn’t take any extra time or effort to set up so why not make it as easy as possible for people to place an order with you.

Photos of your products helps your conversion rate.

Tip 12:Include photos of the product you’re selling on your website.If you’re selling a digital product just use a 3D cover image to represent your product as if it was physical.It’s been proven time and time again when you show people a picture of what they’re getting they respond better. People look at pictures first before reading a single word.

Tip 13:Use involvement devices on your website.When you get your website visitors involved and interacting with your websiteyour conversions can be significantly .This could be just asking your visitors a series of short questions by asking themto check a box on your website or maybe even type in their answers into a seriesof box.If you phrase your questions right you can make your visitors feel that yourwebsite is exactly what they’ve been looking for.Try it out and let me know how you get on

Tip 14:Be bold in your split-testing.What do I mean?Test the things that have the biggest impact on your sales conversions, forexample:1. The headline for your sales letter2. Your sales letter intro text3. The graphics you’ve usedTesting small things like the color of your sales letter sub-headings won’t giveyou the biggest sales conversion improvements so be bold in your split-testing.

Tip 15:If you’re using any kind of advertising for yourwebsite create unique pages where peopleresponding to the ad are sent to.So for example if you’re selling something in XYZ newsletter send them to aspecial web page that says something like…XYZ newsletter readers discover how…

Tip 16:Use a single column layout for your website.What you want to be able to do is to control how people view yourwebsite and keep them moving in one direction…moving towards the order buttons and order links at the bottomof the page.The thing to remember is everything on your website must serve one singlepurpose… to get people to place an order with you.If it doesn’t do anything to help this purpose leave it off your site(no matter how “nice” it might look to you).It’s all about converting the most number of visitors into customers.

Tip 17:Use Socratic method… Survey your website visitorsAND customers to find out how you can betterserve them.The best way of doing this is to send people to a simple survey page once you have their email address.The people on your list are like gold for you because when you can find outwhat they want all you do is give it to them.You can use this information to improve your conversion rate, improve yoursales process and even your customer support.

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