10 Quick Productivity Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss

10 Quick Productivity Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss

High productivity all the time is a difficult challenge for many people. If you are normally unsatisfied with your productivity, these 10 productivity hacks can help you improve:


High Productivity is the key to success

1. Do something you are passionate about

This is arguably the most important productivity hack. If you do what you believe in, you will have all the motivation to accomplish it. Your whole mind will be on the task so you are likely to put in more hours to achieve the best.

2. Be an early riser this will help with  Productivity (Sleep early too)

Mornings are normally the most peaceful times of the day, free from the normal hustles and bustles. This is the best time to accomplish your most important tasks since you mind is still fresh. Early risers also tend to be a step ahead of the rest since they have already settled by the time the day starts. Sleeping early helps you get enough rest in
order to rise up early and fresh for the next day.

3.Productivity starts with Organizing your day before you start it, and evaluate it at the end.

Before you start your day, identify all the activities you need to accomplish. Create a to-do list, organize them according to priority and estimate the length of time it would take to accomplish each. The biggest challenge to this is that some tasks tend to pop up during the day hence interfering with your schedule. Try always to deal with the
most important tasks first. Finally, before you leave, evaluate your
accomplishments for the day and areas that need improvement. Don’t
just make a to-do list, make sure you stick to it!
4. Avoid unnecessary distractions that will hurt your productivity

As much as possible avoid things and requests that derail from you accomplishing your goals. Here are a few tips on how to avoid them:
– Learn to politely decline tasks or requests that do not add up to your
– Avoid unplanned meetings as much as possible.
– Stay away from your phone (put it on silent mode or switch it off
– Work off-line or avoid the internet (whenever possible).
5. Delegate and outsource
If you are poor in doing something, chances are there is someone out there who is good at doing the same. Besides, you should avoid huge tasks which can be broken down and shared. Share it out and it will be accomplished efficiently without you being over-strained.
6. Embrace Healthy Living
Healthy living involves the uptake of proper nutrition and regular exercising which results in proper break-down of fats into energy (else all fats will be stored as body fat). A healthy person has higher energy levels hence is more productive.
7. Take regular breaks
Productivity is not the length of hours you have worked but what you have achieved. You cannot work optimally the whole period of time, therefore, you need to create breaks to allow you to re-energize .
8. Clear your workspace
Clearing your work space (including the number of open windows on your computer and files on you desk) minimizes distractions hence allows you to focus on one task at a time.
9. Start with the most difficult tasks
Getting the most difficult jobs out of your way first in the morning will help you reduce procrastination and focus on other issues.
10.Create time for routine tasks
Create a specific time when you do your routine jobs like checking your mails, accessing your emails and social media. This way you avoid wasting time doing these tasks at different times during the day.
If you follow these steps your are likely to find yourself happier and
enjoy the productivity you put out every day.

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