10 Marketing Tips to Promote Your Website

Without an effective Internet marketing strategy, no on line business can succeed. The definition

of marketing is anything you do to get or keep a customer. These 10 Internet Marketing Tips will
help you to get customers as well as keep them!



Give customers a reason to come back again and again by building a mailing list andkeeping in touch.
Whether you are selling a product or service on the Internet, the methods you use to market your

site will determine your online success. I hope these 10 tips will help you to succeed!

1. Make the Benefits to Your Customer Easy to Recognize with 10 marketing tips to promote your website

Your customer’s perception of your company is entirely different than yours. When you determine
what product or service you’re going to offer, make sure that it is advantageous to the customer –

not just to yourself.

Your customer’s wants and needs come first, your profits come later.

2. Don’t Try to Be Everything to Everybody our 10 marketing tips will help you promote your website

It’s sometimes difficult to serve everyone at the same time and be good at it. Be a specialist! The
customers will appreciate your company for the helpful and knowledgeable service. Also,

customers trust companies more when they specialize in one thing.

This is not to say that you can’t offer related products or services. You can and should offer

products or services that are related to your online business. Your customers will appreciate that


3. Get Referrals! to help you get 10 Marketing Tips to Promote Your Website

Word of mouth is the least expensive and most effective way to get new business. You can
double or even triple your profits by getting your past customers to refer their friends to you. This

is a powerful tool for Internet marketing!

4. Market Your Internet Company On Line

There are many avenues you can use to market your company on the net. Take advantage of the
e-mail system, newsgroups, link trades, and search engines. These are profitable, effective, and

very inexpensive! The way I achieve this part is with an auto responder mail system by Aweber.

It’s so much more than a mailing system that I won’t go into it here. To see the marvels of this

system which will help you to automate this important phase of your business, go to my article

about mailing lists. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Instead Of Selling, Help Your Customer To Buy

Your profits come from your customers, so help them. When a customer visits your website, help
them to buy your product.

Make your website clear and simple. Your product or service that you’re presenting should be

valuable, dependable, durable, interesting, and beneficial to the customer. Make it easy for the

customer to purchase the product once the decision is made. Give them an opportunity to fall in

love with your site. Building a relationship with your customers will bring them back time and time


6. Find Other Companies On Net That Reach The Same Target Customers
And Partner Up With Them

You can get together with other companies that sell related products or services and form a joint
venture with them. Special promotions involving both your products and theirs can bring great

benefits to your customers and your associate’s customers. You will promote the new product

along with yours to your customers (past and present) adding extra value to your site. And, the

partner company returns the favor!!! It’s a great way to generate traffic and everybody wins.

7. Offer A Strong Guarantee

A strong guarantee makes it safe for prospects to give you a try. A customer who is indecisive
about your product or service may go ahead and give you a try if there’s no risk. The guarantee

will push many customers “over the edge” when there’s doubt about making the purchase.

View an example of our very own “Keep Your Knowledge” Guarantee to see how powerful it

looks. But, be sure you can deliver what you promise before offering a guarantee.

8. Be Personal

Speak to your customers in 1st person when possible on your Internet site. Make them feel at
home. When you do any writing on your site or in promotions, try to write as though you are face

to face with your customer. You will gain the trust of your customers and more sales will come

your way by giving your site a personal feel.

Make sure your site says; “There is a person on the other end and not a computer.”

9. Create Free Publicity

Make a name for yourself in your industry by finding ways to get publicized. If there is anything
you can do on the Internet that is unique and might be considered news, you may get free

publicity. Sending out press releases to newspapers and magazines about your Internet site

could be very profitable for your Internet business.

Or, another fantastic way to reach and keep customers coming back to your site is with a mailing

list. This is the simplest way to establish rapport with your target audience.

Send out your release you can check with the good people over at Major International who will

write and/or distribute it for you. What’s unique about your Internet company?

10. Be Consistent In Your Marketing Techniques

All the Internet marketing avenues you take should have the same focus and look. Your logo or
company trademark will become noticed and remembered by customers.

This will establish you as a reputable company on the Internet. Your company can grow if you will

remain consistent. Another little tip – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


When you find an Internet marketing strategy that works – keep doing it until it stops working!

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