1 Google down 1 billion ‪#‎PC‬ searches from 2014

December desktop search rankings from comScore came out yesterday. Bing gained slightly versus November; most others are off a fraction of a point.

Google has lost market share and volume versus a year ago, when it had a share of 65.4 percent. A year ago, Bing was at 19.7 percent; today it’s at 21.1 percent. However, these data tell only part of the story because they don’t include mobile search.

1. Google down 1 Billion searches

Source: Wordtracker

Accordingly, we can assert with some confidence — assuming the comScore estimates above are correct — that Google’s total search volume is at least 2X the numbers reflected in the chart above. As I’ve argued in the past, comScore should now be providing the market with a combined view of mobile and PC search volumes.